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Start prototyping with super-low learning curve

Many design tools ask you to invest a lot of time and money in learning and training. But design in Mockplus Classic is completely code-free. It is super easy to prototype not only for web, but also for Android, iOS and more.

All the operations are intuitive, and most of them are simple drag-and-drops. The overall design process is WYSIWYG, flexible, and transparent. All you need is to focus on the design itself.

Create website wireframes & hi-fi prototypes faster

Create wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes in Mockplus Classic. No need to shift to other tools or use integrations. Work in one single tool and save valuable time.

Use drag and drop interactions and add transition animations without any effort. It is super fast to turn your ideas into interactive digital product design.

Keep design updated with Sketch and Cloud

Mockplus Classic is fully integrated with Sketch and Mockplus Cloud. You can export your Sketch files into Mockplus RP and transform them into interactive designs that look like the real thing.

Publish prototypes to product design platform Mockplus Cloud and have a better designer-developer collaboration. Keep all designs updated with the newest changes.

Mockplus have simple drag-and-drop options inbuilt to make interactive prototypes for mobile and web. You can quickly preview your screens in your actual device just by scanning a QR-Code. Mockplus will help you create a complete design flow and collect and organise style guides, export style guides in one Click. Overall Very Good Tool.

Saravanan T.S.|UX designer

Easy to build web layouts that look great

Speed up your web design process with pre-designed icons, grids, components, UI libraries, and templates. Create your own web components with personalized style and reuse them freely using Masters, Repeaters and Auto Data Fill.

Design life-like web prototypes

Import Sketch files directly to Mockplus Classic, then turn these well-designed, high-quality pages to interactive web prototypes with smart interactions, transitions, and animations. All with a simple drag-and-drop.

Effective sharing and collaboration

Invite others to design together and enhance productivity by assigning different levels of permissions for different members. You can also export designs to Mockplus Cloud and bring designers, developers, and product managers to perform better teamwork.

Design functional dashboards and forms

Prototype dashboards, forms, data lists and navigation flows with pre-designed components and templates. Test them directly during the prototyping phase.

Powerful tables

Prototype website forms that convert in minutes. You can add custom looks easily.

Well-Crafted charts

Visualize website data quickly with pre-designed charts. You can create your own for repeated use.

Smart templates

Choose a template and redesign it by adding or removing pages, interactions, and elements.

The best web app templates for your next project

Our ready-made web wireframe templates will save your time, so just pick one and start design that work like charming.

Web prototype in Mockplus Classic is super easy

Step 1

Create website layouts

Pick a template that fits your purpose, or drag components into the canvas to create a screen that you need.

Step 2

Turn wireframe into prototype

Add interactions and transactions with drag-and-drop. Bring your web prototypes to life.

Step 3

Publish and review online

Publish the completed prototype and review it with your teams and clients via a shareable link.

More features to help you prototype fantastic web experiences

Rich UI libraries

Prototype faster with built-in UI templates and icon libraries, and reuse them in any design.

Smart interactions

Create a real and clickable website prototype with interactions, transitions and animations.

Preview & share

One-click to preview, share and test your website prototypes on the web browser.

Sketch integration

Import design assets directly from Sketch and create real-life web prototypes with ease.

Team collaboration

Collaborate and manage team projects in real-time. Keep things in good check.

Plans for everyone

Mockplus Classic offers various plans to fulfill different needs.

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